How To Use Images To Build a Beautiful Brand Online

Be honest, are you a little lost when it comes to knowing how to use images efficiently to

build your brand online?

Taking good photos, knowing WHAT to take photos of, and then what to do with them...

It all feels like a bit of a best-kept-secret, to many non-photographers, right?

Well, I'd love to help you with that!

You will learn...​

  • About permission & copyright/usage laws

  • How to get the most out of a professional commercial photoshoot

  • How to take better photos of your own (No fancy camera needed!)

  • How to identify the type of images that will appeal to your target audience and suit your brand

  • How to choose an image style that compliments your brand

  • How to edit your images

  • How to create graphics, quotes and memes to suit your brand

  • How to incorporate stock images

  • How to size your images for social media

  • Exactly how and where to use all of the images outlined above within your content

Also includes...

5 FREE STOCK IMAGES from the Equine & Country Stock Gallery

This course will be offered COMPLETELY FREE,

with every bespoke commercial photoshoot booked!

"Words of wisdom, from the Queen in the biz."

"This is such a great course, packed full of varied hints, tips and words of wisdom, from the queen in the biz. Whether you’ve never taken a photo on your phone before, or are a professional photographer, I guarantee you will get something out of this. I definitely did! 


This course isn’t something that you’d look at once and be done with, either. It’s a constant, that you’ll be able to go back to whenever you need a boost.


I can’t wait for my next shoot with Sophie, they do so well on my social media and my website!"


I feel like so many of my photography clients know they need good, strong imagery for their business.


But other than posting the odd advert on social media and uploading a pretty new profile photo, they aren’t really sure what to do with their photos after that.

And that’s before we’ve even started chatting about the idea of them creating their own content.


Using beautiful images to build my brand is something I’m obsessed with. I love using photographs to tell stories, create a narrative around my business and engage my audience. And I’d love to let others into the secrets surrounding this, too.

So, realising this, I decided to create something extra, that would help my commercial clients work out exactly how to get the most out of their shoot and how to use the images we created together, during their session.

And then that kind of evolved into something more…

And ‘How To Use Images To Build A Beautiful Brand Online’ was born!

You can get started TODAY for

JUST £50

by clicking the link below.