The Content
Marketing Club

Content is the single most critical element of any marketing campaign.

But it overwhelms so many small business owners.

Creating regular content can feel stressful, never-ending and fruitless, if you're not hitting the mark. But when you're doing it right, it can completely transform your business.

The Content Marketing Club is a five week course that will talk you, step by step, through how to identify your true dream client, connect and communicate with them in a way that will leave them wanting more and, ultimately, turn them into ecstatic, paying customers.

All of this using a stress-free strategy and content that you already have at your finger tips!

No matter what business you're in, I'd love you to join us!

What's included...​

  • Five weeks of comprehensive course content, delivered straight to your inbox every Monday

  • A digital workbook to help you tailor everything you've learnt specifically to your business

  • Weekly live group Zoom sessions, to answer your questions about that week's lessons

  • Lifetime access to our private, invite-only Facebook group where we will discuss each module as we go through, share homework and new content and offer helping hands

  • Lifetime access to all course content

  • The opportunity to join future classes and work through this course as many times as you wish to

Also includes...

5 FREE STOCK IMAGES from the Equine & Country Stock Gallery

"Words of wisdom, from the Queen in the biz."

"This is such a great course, packed full of varied hints, tips and words of wisdom, from the queen in the biz. Whether you’ve never taken a photo on your phone before, or are a professional photographer, I guarantee you will get something out of this. I definitely did! 


This course isn’t something that you’d look at once and be done with, either. It’s a constant, that you’ll be able to go back to whenever you need a boost.


I can’t wait for my next shoot with Sophie, they do so well on my social media and my website!"


What you'll learn...​

  • How to identify your dream customer and why that really matters

  • The type of content your ideal client really wants to see from you

  • How to identify your brand narrative and communicate it effectively

  • Why storytelling matters

  • How to set a stress-free core content creation strategy

  • How to identify a limitless list of content opportunity

  • How to get that content in front of the right people

  • How to use social media to grow your audience and truly connect with potential customers

  • What algorithms mean for your business

  • All about influencer marketing, ads, sponsored posts and more

  • How to build a successful email list

  • How to create beautiful imagery for your content

Join us today for just